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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. i always thought they were, you know, roaming free. that's why i chose to buy them. >> chickens look pretty happy. and bay area customers pay a premium for their eggs because of it. why a new lawsuit is claiming they're being duped. an usual one for you. >> that's not what you wanna hear 30,000 feet in the area. the airline where the seats are coming loose. a clothing store that has become a worldwide phenomenon. we have a sneak peek. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm dana king. hot, hot, hot. but now that it's after 11:00,
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the temperatures are slowly coming down. this is a live look at downtown san francisco where it got up to 91 degrees today. right now it's still in the 70's. it's beautiful outside. but it's so hot and try that in oakland, extreme fire danger signs have gone up in the hills. meteorologist paul deanno is in our weather center now. paul? that 91 degrees in san francisco and also oakland, the hottest day of the year. i told you it was coming and told we got it. san francisco, 91. oakland, 91. the hottest day of the year, ranking no. 1 for the calendar year. san jose, you were hotter at 94. that was the second hottest day of your year. concord, at 97, the ninth warmest day of the year. walnut creek, 99. that was bested by santa cruz, 100 degrees at the coast. golden gate park, 84. and a half moon bay, 74. fire danger elevated because of
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the temperature and also because we're running at 11% of average rainfall since july 1. one more note, 12,000 homes lost power in berkeley with scattered outages because a transformer blew. we called pg&e looking for a cause. it may be weather related. but some folks are without their air conditioning tonight. full forecast coming up in about ten minutes. they truck it out! >> champagne is flowing in oakland right now. the a's are heading to the postseason for the first time in six years. about 45 minutes ago they clinched a spot with a 4-3 win over the rangers. dennis o'donnell is there and we'll have more coming up in sports. bay area egg producer is taking heat from an animal rights group that says customers are being duped by
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misleading packaging showing happy-looking chickens. why the group says customers deserve a refund. >> reporter: it all comes down to this picture, a hen and her chicks, pecking away in an open field on a carton of judy's organic eggs. they say it's false advertising and they're suing petaluma egg farm. >> the picture on the packaging depicts hens roaming about in a field. >> reporter: organic eggs usually cost a third more than regular ones. but bonnie doesn't mind. >> i look for that, because i want an animal that is free and roaming free, not in a cage. >> reporter: the animal rights group says that is exactly the misconception. at the farm, it's obvious the hens are not outside. >> if you look around, you see a series of sheds with thousands of hens inside them. and you look at the green
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fields and you don't see anyone roaming, scratching or playing out there. >> i always thought they were roaming free. that's why i chose to buy them. >> reporter: the owner of the egg farm said he would not comment until after he's read the lawsuit. a family member did tell me by phone that they never claimed their hens were free-range but that they were cage-free and therefore have access to open fields. the class action lawsuit doesn't question whether the eggs are organic. it's about perception. the suit says people who paid extra for what they believe were truly free-range eggs should get their money back. some of the country's biggest grocery chains are pulling peanut butter products off shelves over concerns for salmonella contamination. safeway, target, whole foods and fresh and easy are pulling the peanut butter. 30 people in 19 states have
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gotten sick, including two in california. this widespread recall follows a trader joe's peanut butter recall last month. two american airlines flights had to make emergency landings this week because of an unusual problem. seats that are coming loose during the flight. and as cbs 5 reporter christin ayers explains, several jets are now grounded for inspection. >> reporter: a terrifying mishap that has happened two times in three days on american airlines flight. it's just the latest blunder for a carrier under fire for a host of labor issues. >> roger. got an unusual one for you. >> reporter: a bizarre breakdown on board american airlines flight saturday. >> passengers are unable to sit in that seat. >> reporter: you heard that right. a row of three seats suddenly unbolted from the floor of the plane. >> we don't know what kind of
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turbulence we have. >> reporter: the plane was bound for miami from boston but the pilots were forced to turn the aircraft around for an emergency landing in new york. but that wasn't the end. it happened again today. seats on a new york to miami plane came loose this time, forcing another emergency landing. in a statement, american says an internal investigation has indicated there could be a possible issue with a certain model of seats and how they fit into the tracking used to secure the seats. american has decided to reinspect eight 757's. >> american airlines operates the oldest fleet in america. as your car gets older, it requires more maintenance. as our aircrafts get older, it requires more maintenance. >> reporter: the problems are unrelated to a string of labor issues. but 200 pilots picketed
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american today, saying they're concerned about overworked inspectors at a time that the bankrupt carrier is facing tougher scrutiny from the faa. inspectors believe the problem could be with the way the seats fit into the tracks on the floor. christin ayers, cbs 5. more than 20 people were hurt after two separate train crashes in the central valley. late this afternoon, a big rig slammed into a fright train in the town of hanford. the truck driver suffered minor injuries. several hours before that happened, and 15 miles away, there was another crash involving a passenger train and a different semitruck. between 30 and 50 passengers on that train were hurt, though none seriously. the amtrak train was headed from oakland to bakersfield. police say that the driver did not yield at the crossing gate and slammed right into the
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train, pushing at least one of the cars off the tracks. >> how did you not see that the train was crossing? >> i don't know if there was any indications of any use of alcohol or drugs. >> the big rig driver suffered moderate to major injuries. investigators say it is still unclear why he failed to stop. well, it's crunch time for the presidential candidates. they are busy prepping for their first debate. a new washington post poll finds president obama has a two- point nationwide lead over romney. but in two of the swing states, his lead is much wider. nine points in florida and ten points in ohio. with less than 48 hours until the debate, grace lee explains how both sides are racing to lower the expectations. >> reporter: both the obama and romney campaigns are doing their best to lower
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expectations ahead of wednesday's debate. >> we expected all along that governor romney will have a good night. he's prepared more than any candidate in history. >> president obama is a very -- he's a very gifted speaker. the man's been on the national stage for many years. he's an experienced debater. he's done these kinds of debates before. this is mitt's first time. >> reporter: the president has not had as much time to prepare for the debates because he's busy being commander in chief. >> most often debates don't make that big a difference. quite a few have lost an election with a debate. >> reporter: these matchups can produce a memorable line like in 1980 between then-governor ronald reagan and president jimmy carter. >> there you go again. >> reporter: and lloyd benson's swipe at dan quayle. >> i served with jack kennedy. i knew jack kennedy.
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jack kennedy because friend of mine. senator, you're no jack kennedy. >> reporter: then there are other moments that seem to say more, like george w. bush looking at his watch. >> tell you what, 10,000 bet. >> reporter: and obama's comment to then-rival hillary clinton. >> you're likeable enough. >> reporter: one thing they do agree on. the debate maybe romney's big chance. >> it's hard to be likeable when you're -- >> you've got to know obama really well. there's not a lot of room left on his canvas to paint. mitt romney, he's still got a little white space on his canvas. >> reporter: the president will be spending the first part of the week in nevada. in the meantime, romney will be campaigning in colorado, also a swing state, and playing to the role for him will be ohio
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senator rob portman. in the newsroom, i'm grace lee, cbs 5. >> and, of course, cbs 5 will have special live coverage of the presidential debate beginning at 6 p.m. on wednesday. constant thumping, all the windows rattling. >> but the police didn't want to hear about it. why people in one bay area city were told, stop calling 911! and new rules that make it tougher for parents to opt out of vaccinating their kids, or do they? the surprising loophole thrown in at the last minute. one of the world's hottest clothing stores gets ready to make its west coast debut here in the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it was so loud, it could be heard for miles. police departments were flooded wih complaints. in fact san leandro police got so many s - that they sent out an ale, telling people to stop callg 9-1-1... and call oakland pe instead. here's cbs 5 reporr phil matier. (matier vo) it was billed as >> reporter: it rattled windows as far away as san leandro, seven and a half miles away. this alameda street is four and a half miles from the coliseum, but on the night of the rave,
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it was anything but quiet. >> just constant thumping with all the windows rattling. >> reporter: by coincidence, one of the people is the alameda county supervisor, who got an extra earful that night. >> it was extremely loud, from 6 to 2 a.m. i actually started getting calls to my house. >> what were they saying? >> they said, if we're gonna stay awake, you're gonna stay awake. >> reporter: today, the tents were coming down, leaving only red-faced officials to answer the question on everybody's mind. >> what were they thinking? >> well, i think that -- i don't know what they were thinking, but obviously it didn't work. >> reporter: the idea had been to stop serving alcohol here at midnight and then allow the music to continue to 2:00 in the morning in order for the crowd that was here to dissipate safely. that might have worked, but it didn't work for the residents
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all around here, and they have been very vocal in their opposition, prompting promises of a complete review of not only this event but any future ones. from the flu to whooping cough, a lot of nasty stuff goes around schools. but more and more parents are deciding not to vaccinate their children. the governor just signed a new law, making it harder to opt out. dr. kim mulvihill discovered there is a surprising new loophole. >> reporter: at tri-valley pediatrics, this boy is getting a flu shot. >> we definitely rely on a pediatrician as an expert. we put our son's health in his hands. >> reporter: now a new california law aims to have more parents talking to their pediatricians. >> it's definitely a step in
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the right direction. >> reporter: under current state law, before attending school or day care, kids are required to get certain vaccinations. parents can opt out by filing what's called a personal beliefs exemption. parents will have to talk to a licensed health practitioner. >> we want them to get real facts, not just internet, friends or family. >> reporter: dr. sam is director of pediatrics. he's surprised. at the last moment, governor jerry brown added an exception. parents with religious beliefs ruling out vaccinations don't have to jump through these hoops. this new mom thinks it's a good idea. >> the relationship with your pediatrician is a partnership. one of the hottest fashion brands in the world is about to
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open its first store on the west coast in san francisco's union square. the clothes aren't fancy or expensive, and that's the point. cbs 5 reporter elizabeth cook explains what all the fuss is about. >> reporter: chances are, you've seen the advertisements. >> i have seen them, like in every corner of the street. >> reporter: or the high- profile endorsements and you wondered, what's all the buzz about? >> at first i thought they were promoting sushi. >> reporter: no, not fish. fashion. in just four days, this construction zone will be transformed into long lines, as thousands are expected to line up for the grand opening. it started in japan and quickly grew to be a worldwide phenomenon. >> we are a brand that's designed for everyone. and regardless of your income, regardless of your ethnicity, you should be able to find
1:58 am
something here. >> reporter: they have four stores in new york and new jersey. and now san francisco. >> this really is the hot bed of innovation, creativity. so we really wanted to be here. >> reporter: it's style is a combination of h and m and american apparel. it's just easy. >> i destroy all my clothing on a regular basis and i do it very quickly. so it works for me and i like it. >> reporter: the folks here are working through the night to get ready for friday's grand opening at 10 a.m. and in addition to bringing in more retail business to the city, it's also bringing in 500 new jobs. live,,,,
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i just checked. we only got about 71 degrees in downtown san francisco five times during the entire month of september. look at where we are right now. we're currently at 71 degrees. what a beautiful, warm evening it is in the city. san jose, 75. oakland, 70. concord down to 69. and santa rosa down to 63. we're going to cool off tonight, upper 50's. livermore, 61. fairfield, 59. pacifica, 59. oakland, down to 59 degrees tonight. what to expect tomorrow, i am not seeing that much of a change in this pattern. we know it's going to change starting wednesday. but tomorrow, the process really isn't beginning yet, so the offshore flow is still there. tomorrow is going to be just about as warm as today was, which means 90's to 100's. 70's at the coast. same area of low pressure but
2:02 am
it moves up the coast, giving us an onshore flow starting on wednesday. much cooler on wednesday, down 10 degrees. thursday, down another ten degrees are. there's even a chance of rain showers next week. concord, 97. san jose, 92. 93 for palo alto. mountainview, 91. pacifica in the 70's once again with sunshine. sunny. livermore, triple digits. pleasanton, 98. sausalito, 77 degrees. extended forecast, we're cooling down on wednesday and even more on thursday. check out the weekend. barely into the low 70's near the bay. a chance of showers on monday. there is a champagne shower in oakland. dennis has more on that. >> reporter: i've got a couple for you. the a's are going to the play-
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2:04 am
to play-offs, that's right! big sports night in oakland. dennis o'donnell is live at the coliseum with tonight's sports report. >> reporter: you and i have been in these celebrations before, so you know how it is. the a's came in tonight with the magic number of 1. if the rays or angels had lost, the a's would have clinched, or they could take care of things themselves.
2:05 am
which they did. josh reddick got the rbi single. top of the fourth, a's up 2-1. tied the game at two. then in the fifth, after adam rosales went off with a double. coco crisp laced a two-bagger to put oakland up 3-2. so they led 4-2 after five. let's go to the ninth inning, one strike away. >> they struck it out! and the oakland athletics are going to the postseason! unbelievable! >> reporter: a's went 4-3. the underdog a's going to the postseason. here's what they had to say in the locker room. >> woo! >> he's come as far as we have, you know. he didn't -- nobody thought he
2:06 am
could do it. he could do it. he deserves a lot of credit. >> man. >> woo! >> i'll take it all night long! >> nobody gave the team a chance. at least the people from the outside didn't give it a chance. what did you think? >> i think it was a mistake. none of us believed it. billy didn't believe it at all. >> where does this particular team rank in your knowledge of -- >> you know what? the teams before were probably built a little differently than this team is. i mean, we had our rookies. there were 18 rookies. >> how do you get them refocused? >> the way we do every day. they'll be back out here tomorrow. it's only 10:30. they'll be out ready to play.
2:07 am
>> reporter: they better get ready, because the a's still have a chance to win the entire division, if they win these next two games. it's in their hands right now to take the whole thing, which would mean a best of five series instead of just a one- game play-off. here's the guys who had to go into the locker room. unfortunately, i have just a little bit of champagne left over to show you exactly what they all have to go through when you go into the locker room. so,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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david letterman coming up next. we know the big story tonight. >> there ,,,,,,
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